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This site is running Instiki, a no-fluff multiweb wiki designed for mathematical content sharing, with support for Markdown, Itex, SVG and TikZ. Instiki is used by the Azimuth Wiki.

Structure of Instiki

An Instiki installation is a wiki consisting of webs. Each web is a set of pages, organized into a namespace. Each web has a home page and ad hoc category schema, and offers the following menu functions:

Page linking

Although each webs is a separate page space, the pages can still be connected using an interweb syntax:

If webname is omitted, it defaults to the current web.

Page creation

To create new pages, you need to learn a bit about how to kick the tires around.

New pages are either created through the search function – when a page search fails, a page creation screen is presented – or by first creating a link to the non-existent page, and then following the link.

If searching for a page finds a match, then the page creation option is not presented. In that case, you have to edit some page to create a link to the new page, save this down, and then follow the link. If there isn’t a natural place to put this link, then you can always use the Sandbox page (see navigation menu).

This is the syntax for linking to another page: [[MyPageToBeCreated]]. After saving the text, the new page will show up as a broken link; clicking on it will open the page creation form.