Virtual office hours (demo)

This is a prototype for a virtual office hours wiki page.


Virtual office hours have been designed to promote inclusivity.

This page contains biographical information on the participating professionals, along with any notes, including schedules for office hours.

Participating professionals: here is the admin web for editing your information. The demo password is “calendar”.


George Functor Jones

My research includes the following:

  • The Elvis algebra

  • Preordered postorders

  • Mitochondrial functor theory

  • Pine cohomology

Here is my extended bio.

My office hours are:

  • MWF 9 - 10
  • Zoom 123-456-789
  • No eating or drinking please

David Tanzer

I’m actually not holding any office hours.

Data administration

The contents of the admin web are displayed above, in a read-only format.

This is implemented by including here a separate page from the admin wiki for each professional. That allows each professional to edit their file under password protection. Their file can contain a short bio, a link to a longer bio, office hours, or any other notes they want.

To add a new professional, create their page on the admin wiki, and edit this page to include their page.

Optional - extension to a formatted calendar

If it is deemed important to get this data onto a formatted calendar, then a designated administrator can input the data below to the calendar site (presumably on teamup).

Here is the official category theory calendar.