ACT @ The Functorial
Team protocols for wiki development

We’ll have a stream on the ACT Zulip forum for detail planning and communication about wiki pages.

Three general patterns:

  1. Do - for typos or minor issues, just fix them.

  2. Do then tell - if you have an idea for a new page, a new section, or any kinds of incremental developments, then go for it. Afterward, post a comment to Zulip to start a conversation around it.

  3. Talk then do - discuss on Zulip to reach consensus, before making changes. This is more the exception than the rule. It applies when your idea involves a major restructuring of existing content, or any kind of statements on behalf of the project or community as a whole.

In any case, since the wiki keeps all history, the worst that can happen is that changes get reverted.

So: time to create.