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Statistics reading group

Reading List

McCullagh, “What is a statistical model?

Morse and Sacksteder - “Statistical isomorphism

Simpson - “Probability Sheaves and the Giry Monad

Fritz - “A synthetic approach to Markov kernels, conditional independence and theorems on sufficient statistics

Jacobs – “Probabilities, Distribution Monads, and Convex Categories

Keimel, “The Monad of Probability Measures over Compact Ordered Spaces and its Eilenberg-Moore Algebras

McCullaugh, Di Nardo, Senato – “Natural Statistics for Spectral Samples

Perrone, “Categorical Probability and Stochastic Dominance in Metric Spaces” (Pd.D. Thesis)

Giry, “A Categorical Approach to Probability Theory

Patterson, “The Algebra and Machine Representation of Statistical Models” (Ph.D. Thesis)

Tuyeras, “A Category Theoretical Argument for Causal Inference

Culbertson and Sturtz, “A Categorical Foundation for Bayesian Probability

Fong, “Causal Theories: A Categorical Perspective on Bayesian Networks

Fritz and Perrone, “A Probability Monad as the Colimit of Spaces of Finite Samples

Fritz and Perrone, “Bimonoidal Structure of Probability Monads

Fritz, “A Presentation of the Category of Stochastic Matrices

Jacobs and Furber, “Towards a Categorical Account of Conditional Probability

Bradley, “At the Interface of Algebra and Statistics” (Ph.D. Thesis)

Bradley, Stoudenmire and Terilla – “Modeling Sequences with Quantum States

Jacobs, “Categorical Aspects of Parameter Learning

Jacobs, “Parameters and Parameterization in Specification, using Distributive Categories

Tuyeres, “Category Theory for Genetics I: Mutations and Sequence Alignments

Parzygnat, “Inverses, Disintegrations, and Bayesian Inversion in Quantum Markov Categories

Jacobs, “A Channel-Based Perspective on Conjugate Priors

Non-Categorical Papers of Interest

Dawid and Studeny - “Conditional Products - An Alternative Approach to Conditional Independence”

Dawid - “Conditional independence in statistical theory”

Wald - “Contributions to the Theory of Statistical Estimation and Testing Hypotheses”

Huber - “Robust Estimation of a Location Parameter”

Fisher - “Moments and Product Moments of Sampling Distributions”

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Jacobs, Bart

Bradley, Tai-Danae

Patterson, Evan

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