ACT @ The Functorial

Welcome to the ACT web at the Functorial wiki!

The Functorial is an independent community-based multiweb wiki for applied category theory. Coordination is through the Zulip forum for category theory.


We cast a wide net for ACT as an exploratory quest, closing no doors to foundations or applications. For this, the wiki is organized into an “ecosystem” of webs, each offering a namespace for a subcontext.

  • ACT – This is the focal web, which aims for professional content. Starting a bibliography with a few entries and imperfect formatting is fine - because it leads toward the aim. Others may improve things. Use categories for application and foundation sections. If a section swells large enough, it can be “bud off” to a separate web.

  • Notebook – A freewheeling web, not limited to ACT. Use it for e.g. drafts or personal TODO lists.

  • Blog – A web for lively expository writing on ACT and beyond. Here we teach, to a range of audiences with varying degrees of sophistication. Pick an audience and explain things to them. We’ll also conduct reviews and inventories of interesting ACT-related blogs.

  • Appendix – A web for really detailed stuff, like exercises, proofs and lab reports.

Additional webs may be requested for individuals, research projects, applications or your creative ideas.


Wiki guide

This is Instiki, a no-fluff multiweb wiki designed for mathematical content sharing, with support for Markdown, Itex, SVG and TikZ. Instiki is used by the Azimuth Wiki.